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Ferst Center
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Rental Process & Specifications

Please review the facility rental information on the website and then follow these steps:

1. Fill out the online Request Form. If you have questions, please call 404-894-2787.

2. The Client and Patron Services Manager will contact you about your date.

3. A pre-production meeting will be set up with you to determine technical and box office costs.

4. A contract will be mailed. You must sign and return both copies of the contract along with:

- Risk Management Form
- Ticket Set-Up Form
- Proof of Insurance
- 501(c)3 if applicable
- PeopleSoft information sheet for campus groups
- Deposit of 25% rental fee

5. 30 days before the event date, the remainder of the rental fee and technical charges is due.

6. Have a successful, well-planned event.

7. You will receive final settlement invoice or payment within 30 days of the event.

Campus departments or student groups please see additional information under  Georgia Tech Departments & Student Organizations.

Technical Specifications
Download the Technical Specifications (in pdf format).

More technical information (in pdf format):
Ferst Center Plot Overhead
Ferst Center Section View
Ferst Center Stage Plot

When renting the facility you must use an approved Georgia Tech caterer for all of your food and drink needs.  Please see list of approved caterers.