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Throughout the 2012-13 ARTech Residency with Sean Curran and ETHEL, various residency partners will share their experiences in the ARTech Blog below and on the Ferst Center Facebook page.  Check back for more updates throughout the season.

Residency Performance on Friday, March 1!

Seán Curran’s residency culminates with a site-specific performance of "Interactive Strategies of Relational Aesthetics" on Friday, March 1 at 6:30 p.m. The piece was created specifically for the residency and features local dancers Alex Abarca, Alisa Mittin and Erik Thurmond and Seán Curran Company's associate artistic director, Elizabeth Coker Giron. A reception celebrating the residency will begin at 6pm prior to the performance.

The performance will take place on the lower level of Georgia Tech's Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons. Parking is available in Visitor Lot #9 off of Ferst Dr.

For more information, please click here.

Elizabeth Coker Giron
Associate Artistic Director, Sean Curran Company

Just back in NYC after a jam-packed few days at GA Tech with ARTech resident artist Sean Curran. I’ve been a dancer, collaborator, and associate director with Sean for nearly seven years now, and this project is definitely the first of its kind that we’ve been involved in. Our work in New York and on the road with our 8-member dance company is usually fairly isolated—rehearsing, traveling, and performing with only our tight-knit group. It was so energizing to be a part of a collaborative exchange of ideas in several different GA Tech communities.

CurranWeb.jpgOur first stop was a quick introduction to the freshmen collaborative study/living students who would participate in a master class toward the end of our stay. Their enthusiasm set an appropriate tone for the rest of our short trip. Sean and I also had the great fortune to have our scheduled visit overlap with the other resident artists of the string quartet Ethel. We were honored to have Ethel volunteer to accompany our first modern dance master class onstage at the Ferst Center, and thrilled when they offered to play for the audition. In my career as a professional dancer I have certainly never attended an onstage audition that evolved rather quickly into a live-accompanied improvisation jam! There were some really special creative juices flowing that day and I was humbled to be a part of it.

Sean, Ethel and I also had a lovely tour about campus to choose a location for the site-specific works we will present in the spring. We also performed a lecture/demonstration for the freshmen architecture class who so eloquently framed our site choices with their responses to the existing structures, spaces and performative possibilities therein. We took many of these ideas to our first rehearsal with three spectacularly talented local dancers, and in just two hours created the movement phrases that will form the basis of our dance. This really feels like it will be a profound and truly collaborative dialogue surrounding the space we will perform in, and I’m interested to see where the creative process takes us from now to March.

I personally got a special treat when we visited the Digital World and Image Group’s class to discuss theoretical technological collaborations as a kind of design challenge for their course. As a movement scientist and 3D motion analysis nerd myself, I was blown away with the skill, creativity and wit of the projects these students presented to Sean and me. I was reminded that there is so much fundamental overlap between art and science and so many ways these two worlds can inform and build on each other. I returned to my program at Columbia University with so many ideas spinning in my dancer/scientist brain.

The culminating event of our visit was a master class for the freshmen collaborative study/living students. It was hands-down the most gratifying two hours of our stay. We were humbled and inspired by these students’ openness, enthusiasm, and willingness to participate, create, fail, succeed, and try over and over again. Sean and I learned more and were more energized from teaching them than from any class we’d taken in quite some time. On that note, we’d like to give a huge thanks to the Office of the Arts for bringing us, and hope we can earn our keep this spring when we return!