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The Office of the Arts invites you to explore the Richards and Westbrook Galleries in the Ferst Center, with exhibits featuring established and emerging artists often exploring the connections between art and technology.

Hours: Monday-Friday, by appointment only. Please call 404-894-2787 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. to make an appointment. Admission is free but donations are accepted. The Galleries are open during performances.

Fall 2014 Exhibition:  David Gaither's World Of Maximalism


David Gaither is an international artist whose paintings blur the boundaries of the figurative and the abstract; reality and fantasy. Gaither’s works have been exhibited all around the world, from leading US cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta, to as far as Lausanne, Switzerland and Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.

Gaither is currently pioneering a movement that he has termed “Maximalism,” in which he employs a myriad of intricate shapes and ultra-saturated colors, over-emphasizing the detail and infinite combinations of the respective shapes and colors. From his perspective, Maximalism is all about experimentation and evolution, stretching the constructs of what one thinks is imaginable; breaking limits or barriers to establish new paradigms. His aim with Maximalism is to take contemporary art to the next level.

A self-taught artist, Gaither began his progression around the age of three. Over the years, he has worked in various genres of art, ultimately transitioning to unique methods reflecting his own style. The unique methods involve a fusion of light with chromatic experimentation, where colors and shapes complement and contrast one another to create visual masterpieces.

The exhibition is being curated exclusively by September Gray Art, a world-renowned dealer with expertise in contemporary and modern art, fine art acquisition, fine art resale and art collection management.

At top: Maximal Steps (An Introduction To Multidimensional Maximalism) (triptych – three panels, 49x75 inches total, 25x49 inches each; mixed media, acrylic, gouache, composite, and solidified paints, plus proprietary materials on custom MDF)

About the Ferst Center Galleries

gallery2_.jpgThe Westbrook and the Richards Gallery feature visual art exhibits that rotate throughout the year, and usually display original artwork or photography by contemporary artists and student artists. In the past, the galleries have featured the Hewitt Collection of African-American Art, the work of renowned Atlanta artist Raymond Cody, and Eric Waugh. Exhibits can be viewed before and during performances at the Ferst Center, or by calling 404-894-2787.